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Elevate Your Vibe

With the chaos of life that exists beyond our hands, it's a soulful, mindful choice to create zen and healing energy in your space through crystal magic.


Ready to elevate your vibrations? Let's work together to turn your environment into your sanctuary. We'll work one-on-one starting with an at-home consultation to walk through your space and discuss your energy goals. Not located in Miami? That's fine! I do virtual consultations as well.


I will match you with the best crystals for your intentions and confirm with you my choices to ensure you are energetically aligned and happy with the options. Once we have your budget established I source the high-quality, ethical crystals myself, and then will place them in the best spots within your space for optimal energy movement - crystal feng shui.

  • Interested but have some questions first? No problem, let's chat!

    15 min

  • Ready to work together? Let's set up your appointment!

    1 hr 30 min

    100 US dollars


"My day has completely been energized and everything I have set out to do has been successful. Even Roger has felt the same [and] had a very successful day! Thank you so much!"

-Hanna B., Aligned by HB

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