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Reiki Incense

Reiki Incense


Reiki incense is a gentle aid and supportive guide to healing during physical illness and to restore emotional well-being. Inhale the peaceful fragrance and find yourself on a path towards a healthier spirit!


Song that pairs well: Whirlwind by Joseph

All incense by Satya is hand rolled in India and are all natural, made from blends of herbs, flowers, resins and oils. They are free from toxic materials to bring you a safe and natural experience. The incense is rolled predominantly by generational female artisans. They also work with social justice and equality groups on issues pertaining to women and creating a fair employee demographic.

Please use an appropriate incense holder for safety, do not leave incense burning alone and use in a well-ventilated space.

Listing is for 1 box with 10 incense sticks.

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