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Dia de Los Muertos Box

Dia de Los Muertos Box


This box was created to help you honor your loved ones who have passed and to amplify your connection with them in the spirit realm. 


Inside you will find:


-a Palo Santo bundle for cleansing your ofrenda and spirit, Lavender for peace in passing, and Eucalyptus to bridge the connection between heaven and earth. 

-a satchel of Rose Buds to invite in love and healing.



-Selenite to bring clarity of the mind, serve as a link to the light body, and provide protection in your spiritual work.

-Labradorite holding the magical energy of the night, a connection for the etheric body to earth, and raises consciousness. 

-Clear Quartz as an energy amplifier, enhances psychic abilities, and attunes your spiritual purpose.


It also comes with a description card so you have with you the importance of each piece. This is a very special project to me and I hope you appreciate it too! 

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